AccuPeT Pro™ Micropipette, purple, range 20.0-200.0 micro l

AccuPeT Pro™  Micropipette, purple, range 20.0-200.0 micro l
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AccuPeT Pro™ Micropipette, purple, range 20.0-200.0 micro l

AccuPeT Pro™ micropipettes are the new standard in microliter measurements. This line of ergonomically designed continuously adjustable digital pipettes is built with the philosophy of combining attractive form with practical function at an affordable price. The new features allow the user to pipette more comfortably and efficiently yielding results with better accuracy and precision. AccuPet Pro™ micropipettes come in eight standard sizes allowing measurements from 0.2 - 5000 l. Each pipette includes a GLP/GMP calibration certificate. The user can calibrate pipettes by the simplified EasyCal technique. This highly durable and reliable instruments come with the best pipette guarantee — full three year warranty.

Ergonomic Handle Design
Designed to minimize the amount of hand stress over time lightweight pipettes feature rubberized soft surfaces that help to make pipetting more comfortable than never before. The improved ergonomic handle features a new comfortable grip and hanger that allow user to lightly hold pipette during experiments. This minimizes the amount of hand stress over time. Accuracy and precision are improved while reducing the risk of cumulative trauma disorders.

DirectVue™ Volume Indicator
Monitor volume settings before, during, and after pipetting with the DirectVue™ Volume Indicator. There is no need to use both hands or set samples down to read the volume settings. Volume easily set by turning the plunger without possibility to snag gloves. The user will have the confidence that volume settings are correct and have not drifted over the course of many measurements.

Universal Tip Fitting Shafts
Fully autoclavable universal shaft is manufactured from the most durable and chemically resistant plastic PVDF which offer highest resistance to shocks and corrosion. It is designed to provide good and consistent seal with most of the standard tips available on the market today. This enables scientists to continue confidently use tips from their favorite supplier.

Accuracy (%) 3.0% - 0.8%

Precision (%) 1.0%-0.2%

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