Symmetric Designs, Axion Rotary Interface - For Wheelchare Headrests

Symmetric Designs, Axion Rotary Interface - For Wheelchare Headrests
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Axion Rotary Interface - For Wheelchare Headrests

Axion Rotary Interface for wheelchair headrests

Wheelchair Headrests can now rotate!

The Axion Rotary Interface™ is a unique device that permits wheelchair headrests to rotate. It attaches to most existing wheelchair headrests and hardware.

The Axion Rotary Interface™ for Wheelchair Headrests is quiet, free-running and it does not require lubrication. The range of rotation can be limited or stopped.
Various wheelchair headrests can be attached to the Axion.

The following wheelchair headrests are easily attached using the interchangeable balls shown below:

  • Otto Bock/Daher Style: 25 mm ball
  • Whitmyer Style: 19 & 22 mm ball
  • Stealth Style: 17 mm ball
  • AEL Style: Use a 25 mm ball with an AEL OB Adapter & Plate

The hardware for any of these wheelchair headrests can also be attached, permitting the mixing of hardware and headrest styles. This allows the quick trial of different types of wheelchair headrests without having to change the hardware mounted on the wheelchair. 

The Benefits to the user include increased range of motion for the head, and improved visibility, all with little effort.

Applications include for those with brain injuries, cerebral palsy, motorneuron diseases and those with wheelchair headrests.

The Axion may reduce hair loss for active users and improve field of vision.

(U.S. & Other Patents Pending.)

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