Baby Clothes Hangers - Yellow - 4 Pk by Baby Milano

Baby Clothes Hangers - Yellow - 4 Pk by Baby Milano
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Baby Clothes Hangers - Yellow - 4 Pk by Baby Milano

These hangers for baby clothes are the perfect gift for a little bundle of joy!

Included are four yellow baby hangers each with a unique animal design.

Bringing a new baby into the house is one of the most memorable events a family can have in their lives! However, it can also be very hectic!

Baby''s will wear 4 times the outfits that an adult will wear in one day, with the end result being a house filled with your little ones garbs laying in piles everywhere!

If you are like most busy parents, then you simply don''t have any time to sit around folding clothes all day!

That is where these wonderful yellow baby Animal Hangers by Baby Milano come in!

Instead of meticulously folding and separating the duds into more piles, just toss them on one of these charming little hangers and keep them wrinkle free and organized, all while looking charming and delightful.

This set of 4 Animal Hangers includes a combination of Monkey, Kangaroo, Octopus and Lion.

Not only do these serve as a rescue to you, the busy mom, but they make an excellent baby shower gift for one of your mom-to-be friends!


• Space-saving flat body
• Variety of adorable designs and colors
• Light weight, but very sturdy and durable
• Two slots for hanging items with straps
• Perfect for hanging all types of clothing (pants, skirts, shorts, swimsuits, dresses, etc.)

NOTE: Made in USA


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