Calf Stretcher

Calf Stretcher
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Calf Stretcher

Increase strength, flexibility and balance
Prevent muscle cramps
Reduce the potential for injury
Great for walkers, runners, cyclists and skiers
Design provides the high angle needed by elite athletes
Change effective angle by simply moving the stretcher closer to or further from the wall


Large stable base
Also stretches Achilles tendons and ankles
Allows passive stretching
Use gravity to provide the stretching force
Simple design eliminates muscle groups fighting each other as happens with rocking type stretchers
Stretch both calves at the same time

Instructions for Use

Place the stretcher about 6” from the wall
Place both feet (including the heel) on the platform
Let gravity comfortably stretch your calves
Hold a comfortable stretch for 2 to 3 minutes
Move stretcher closer to the wall to provide greater stretching


The platform is 11.25" wide x 14.5" long
The overall height is 9.5"
The angle is 35 degrees - the effective angle can be reduced by moving the stretcher away from the wall
Weight Capacity: 250lbs

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