Crutches Child

Crutches Child
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Crutches Child

• Aluminum construction is lighter than wooden models
• Double extruded center tube provides more load-bearing strength
• Special footpiece utilizes durable rivets to secure the aluminum tubing
from the inside, providing more stability than plastic connectors
• Patented I-beam center post limits footpiece rotation to a 1/4 turn,
keeping the push-button in view during adjustment
• Long, unbreakable stair deflector protects against the crutch slipping on
stairs and helps increase stress tolerance at all angles without cracking
• Non-skid rubber tips provide good traction. Built-in metal ring prevents
excessive wear and ensures durability
• Packaged completely accessorized, no assembly required 250 lb. capacity



Height Range: 4'' 0“ - 4'' 6

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