FREESTYLE® Athletic Form 320 Modified Oval, Clear - Size 1, Fits 32A

FREESTYLE&#0174  Athletic Form 320 Modified Oval, Clear - Size 1, Fits 32A
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FREESTYLE® Athletic Form 320 Modified Oval - Size 1, Fits 32A

The NEARLY ME® FREESTYLE® Athletic forms are designed for swimming, spas and hot tubs, or other athletic activity.

The FREESTYLE® Modified Oval is a specialized shape for women looking for the perfect breast form under their bathing suit or sports bra. This ‘ semi’ or ‘ modified’ oval is wider across the middle, has a shorter wing, and is tapered along the sides of the back for a smooth transition to the body. It can be turned in several directions for best fit and offers fullness across the chest without adding fullness under the arm or higher up on the chest wall.

This Modified Oval shape has been created for women who have had more conservative surgeries where more tissue remains, and it works well in halter or tank type swim suits.

Because the silicone is clear, it doesn’ t show through bathing suits and is harder to spot in the pool if it comes out of your swimsuit. The silicone formulation is softer than most athletic forms, but the polyurethane skin is strong and durable. NEARLY ME® Athletic forms are safe in the pool or in salt water.

This new FREESTYLE® Modified Oval Form is available in 10 sizes.

Comes in a convenient cloth carrying case.

Colors: Clear
Gel: Clear Standard-weight Silicone Gel
Shape: Modified oval
Nipple: Small, subtle nipple

Safe in pool or salt water, hot tubs and spas
Clear, undetectable under fabrics
Symmetrical to fit either side of the body
Can be turned in different directions
Hand washable
Cloth carrying case
1-year manufacturer''s warranty
Stock item
Made in U.S.A.

Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description.

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