Germ Protection Spray: MyClyns® , 12 ml, Traditional White, 24/cs

Germ Protection Spray: MyClyns&#0174 , 12 ml, Traditional White, 24/cs
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Germ Protection Spray: MyClyns® , 12 ml, Traditional White, 1cs

When an exposure has occurred, response time is critical to lower your chance of becoming infected. In cases of exposure, you need a product that works effectively and is safe to use anywhere.

With MyClyns Personal Spray a whole new standard of care is available to protect you in the field when and where you need it. MyClyns Personal Spray is a protective spray in an easy-to-use convenient pen-like device that allows you to protect yourself immediately after an exposure while you are still attending to your care recipient.

MyClyns Personal Spray is a versatile, convenient and readily accessible first response non-aerosol spray providing immediate personal protection from potentially harmful pathogens.
MyClyns Personal Spray is the only non-alcohol option you can keep in your pocket and apply directly to your face and skin when you are in the field and your post-exposure protocols are not available.
Independent laboratory tests show that the solution in MyClyns Personal Spray demonstrates a 99.99% reduction in over 60 potentially dangerous pathogens.
MyClyns Personal Spray contains a 510(k) medical device solution cleared by the FDA as a wound cleanser (under 21 CFR § 880.5090).
MyClyns has been endorsed by the National Sheriffs'' Association.

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