Occupational Safety Blanket

Occupational Safety Blanket
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Occupational Safety Blanket

The Kovenex Occupational Safety Blanket is a high-performance, flame-and-tear resistant blanket used in industrial and manufacturing workplaces to safeguard employees anywhere a fire could ignite. Tested to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, the organization that certifies firefighting equipment, Kovenex surpasses the performance of other blankets by offering employees the needed protection against fire, intense heat and burn, shattered glass and sharp metal edges.

Fabric Weight: 8.5 oz/sq. yd.
Blanket Dimensions: 58 x 73
Performance Specifications:
Thermal Protective Performance 12 cal/cm²
Vertical Flame Test
After Flame 0 seconds
Char Length 8 mm
Tear Resistance 190 N

  • Safer - Will not catch fire or tear, blocks extreme heat and protects employees in the workplace against open flames, shattered glass and sharp objects.
  • Easier - Engineered to smother fire or wrap around an individual for safe evacuation by protecting against burn and flying debris. It can quickly extinguish a small fire or apparel engulfed in flames and offers
    an added sense of security in the workplace.
  • More Effective - Kovenex’s heat blocking capabilities are the result of its patented fiber blend, NOT chemical treatment, making it safe for contact with skin and more effective in preventing contact burns. It has no shelf life and can be washed and reused, setting it apart from other commercially available fire blankets.

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