PikStik Pro 26

PikStik Pro 26
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PikStik Pro 26

The Best Reacher in its Class

Now the reacher preferred by professionals is available to everyone. PikStik Pro is a multi-purpose reacher designed for all and uses. Our patented design is strong, lightweight, safe and availble in multple sizes.

Made of durable thermoplastic resin, the textured tips provide non-slip gripping for all surfaces.

Rotating Jaws
Designed to pick up objects from any angle, our patented jaw system rotate 360 degrees to grab from any angle and open 5 1/2 to pick up larger objects than any other reacher.

• Grab the cereal box from that high kitchen shelf
• Dust in high places – put a dust rag in the jaws and reach those high areas
• Reach that sock that fell behind the washing machine
• Put the tree topper on the Christmas Tree
• Set clocks that are too high to reach
• Save your back from bending and stooping
• Pick up items behind the couch
• Clean under beds

Anodized Alum
1 pack
Yellow Trigger/Handle

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