Symmetric Designs, Pro Forma Matrix - Total Contouring Seat Back Support, Small-Medium

Symmetric Designs, Pro Forma Matrix - Total Contouring Seat Back Support, Small-Medium
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Pro Forma Matrix - Total Contouring Seat Back Support, Small-Medium

Pro Forma Matrix Wheelchair Seating And Positioning
2nd Generation Matrix Seating for Wheelchairs


Pro Forma Matrix 2nd Generation Wheelchair Seating offers total body contouring and wheelchair backs in a much improved format.  This new Matrix Wheelchair Seating Sytem is lighter and stronger, making custom wheelchair seating and positioning quicker and easier. The Pro Forma Matrix™ can be fitted to a wide range of clients as preformed Direct Wheelchair Backs or Full Body Wheelchair Seating.

The Matrix Wheelchair Seating and Positioning System has been in use around the world for 20 years and Matrix Seating Limited (UK) is now pleased to announce major design improvements. The Pro Forma 2nd Generation Matrix Seating System is now easier to use, competing with any seating system in terms of strength, weight, adaptability and clinical effectiveness.

The major design improvements are:

 • 4 mm slimmer module

 • 2.7 times stronger clamp

 • Programmed flexibility

 • Larger support surfaces

 • Easier 3D shaping 

 • Easy to add cladding support

 • Fewer components (when assembled)

 • About 20% lighter (due to less framing)


These improvements result in:

• Intimately fitting three dimensional wheelchair seats and backs

• Major reduction in framing requirements

• Rapid fabrication

• Dynamic Seating

• Comfortable Wheelchair Seating and Positioning for the most difficult patients


''MatrixThe improved clamp also permits the use of flexible 4-ball units, giving a dynamic matrix when needed.

The Flexible 4-ball units are available in 3 different stiffnesses.

As with all Matrix Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Systems, the tightening of the clamp’s central stainless steel screw simultaneously locks all four of the ball and socket joints.  The structure can be formed to the client’s anatomy by movement of the ball and socket joints and locked in position once the clamp is tightened. 

This clamp has now been made very efficient, locking with a low screw force whilst doing very little damage to the plastic ball joint  The use of high strength stainless steel minimises the effects of corrosion and gives a substantial strength improvement. This results in a drastic reduction in the need for framing, markedly reducing the fabrication time.

Another fundamental change to the wheelchair seating and positioning system is the creation of a central space between the top and bottom clamp halves. The 3D component (a 2-ball unit) can move into this space and rotation of the clamp draws the Matrix sheet together to allow it to follow three dimensional curves.


2-Ball Unit with metal core

The Pro Forma Matrix is supplied as rectangular sheets, pre-formed sheets (to your specifications) and preformed wheelchair backs.  Improved interface units combined with quicker fitting and better contouring to markedly improve the clinical viability of Matrix Wheelchair Seating and Positioning.

The Direct Wheelchair Backs are available in 5 sizes.

The new Matrix Wheelchair Seating and Positioning System provides a broader, flatter surface for comfortable, contoured seating. 2nd Generation Matrix Wheelchair Seating and Positioning.

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