Protozoa (10 slides) Microscope Slides

Protozoa (10 slides) Microscope Slides
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Protozoa (10 slides) Microscope Slides

Protozoa - English
10 Microscope Slides:

1(e). Amoeba proteus, Rhizopoda, w.m.
2(d). Radiolaria, mixed species, fossil
3(d). Foraminifera from Mediterranean sea, mixed species, recent
4(c). Euglena viridis, a green flagellate, w.m.
5(c). Ceratium hirundinella, fresh-water dinoflagellate w.m.
6(f). Trypanosoma gambiense, causes African sleeping sickness, blood smear
7(f). Plasmodium, causes human malaria, blood smear
8(d). Eimeria stiedae, causing coccidiosis, t.s. of infected liver
9(d). Paramecium, a common ciliate, nuclei stained
10(e). Vorticella, a coloniate ciliate

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