Microwave Stirrer, PC/PK - 1

Microwave Stirrer, PC/PK - 1
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Microwave Stirrer

The Scienceware® Microwave Stirrer transfers the rotation from the turntable rotor inside a standard microwave oven to a magnetic stirrer, permitting both heating and stirring at the same time, for a cost-effective solution to two operations. Stirring with heating promotes dissolution and mixing and is ideal for preparing super-saturated solutions. The Microwave Stirrer is perfect for dissolving broth agar and agarose, chemical purification, saturated urea solutions or other applications that require heating with stirring. The stirrer can be used with most microwave ovens that feature a rotary turntable. Dimensions: 27.6 x 25.7 x 6.7cm H (107/8 x 101/8 x 25/8“ H)
Conveniently heat and stir inside a microwave oven
• Ideal for dissolving agar/agarose and concentrating solutions
• Compatible with most microwave ovens

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