SporView® Culture Set Starter Kit (Steam & Chemical Vapor)

SporView&#0174  Culture Set Starter Kit (Steam & Chemical Vapor)
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SporView® Culture Set Starter Kit (Steam & Chemical Vapor)

Steam - Tabletop / Chemical Vapor
Biological Indicators
Biological indicators are for use in monitoring health care Steam sterilization processes, providing a direct measure of the lethality of the process. Multiple styles and formats are available for gravity, dynamic air removal and flash modes.
For Chemical Vapor, biological indicators provide users the highest level of sterility assurance and contain bacterial spores available in multiple formats.

Steam - Tabletop Biological Indicators / Steam - Large Biological Indicators
SporView Culture Set / Chemical Vapor Spore Strips
SporView® Culture Set
An in-office Biological Indicator (BI) system providing clear, easy to interpret results to monitor the effectiveness of the sterilization process. Product is ideal for customers with multiple type of sterilizers as this product is also certified for use in Dry Heat, Chemical Vapor, and EO Gas processes. Each box contains spore strips and culture media to be aseptically transferred for final spore test results after 7 days incubaton. Calibrated incubators are available at 60º C for Steam and Chemical Vapor and 37º C for Dry Heat and EO Gas.

SporView® Culture Set Starter Kit (Steam & Chemical Vapor)
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