SporView® Plus Steam BI Test Pack with 25 controls

SporView&#0174 Plus Steam BI Test Pack with 25 controls
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SporView® Plus Steam BI Test Pack with 25 controls

Steam - Hospital Style
Biological Indicators
Biological indicators are for use in monitoring health care Steam sterilization processes, providing a direct measure of the lethality of the process. Multiple styles and formats are available for gravity, dynamic air removal and flash modes.

Steam - Large Biological Indicators
Self-Contained Biological Indicators
Designed to routinely challenge the steam sterilization process, self-contained biological indicators are available loose or inside a Process Challenge Device.

Steam - Hospital Style Self-Contained Biological Indicators
SporView® Plus Biological Indicator Test Pack
The SporViewPlus Steam BI Test Pack (Process Challenge Device) allows users to immediately release processed loads with peace of mind from the STEAMPlus™ Class 5 integrator, which is attached to a load record card. Activate biological indicator and incubate for 24 hours to comply with standards for routine sterilizer efficacy monitoring.

The SporViewPlus Steam BI Test Pack is for use in both gravity and dynamic air removal sterilizers and is equivalent in performance to an AAMI Biological Indicator Test Pack. Product meets AAMI standards for routine and implant loads and has performance validation for standards and extended sterilization cycles.

SporView® Plus Steam BI Test Pack (25 Controls)
Latex Free, UOM: 25/cs

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