Student Interactive Atom Model (Bohr)

Student Interactive Atom Model (Bohr)
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Student Interactive Atom Model (Bohr)

Interactive Atomic Model According to Bohr
Interactive atomic model student training model for your physics, chemistry and biology classes.

This didactically excellent atomic training model greatly simplifies the teaching and understanding of Bohr's model of the atom.

Learning content of the interactive atomic model:

•Atoms, isotopes, ions, noble gas configurations, structure of the
•elements, covalent bonds, ionic bonds
•Elements, atomic mass, atomic number and the periodic table

Using the training atom your students will be able to construct their own atoms, isotopes, and even ions. In this manner natural science teaching becomes concrete, simple and lots of fun!

All the benefits of the interactive atomic model at a glance:

•Inter-disciplinary learning game
•Suitable for individual, partner, and group work
•Playful learning of natural science subjects
•Easy understanding of processes and structures at the atomic level
•Simple and lots of fun to use
•Appealing 3D design
•Convenient storage

The interactive atomic model is supplied with: 2 atoms, 30 protons, 30 neutrons and 30 electrons. Teach your students about atoms and molecular structure and function in a truly hands on way

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