Posey PIR Sensor, Description: PIR Sensor

Posey PIR Sensor, Description: PIR Sensor
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Posey PIR Sensor, Description: PIR Sensor

The Posey Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor is the latest in Posey Fall Management. The PIR Sensor provides a non-invasive means to monitor patient movement. The Sensor senses a change in temperature when a person moves in front of the PIR Sensor beam. Since the PIR Sensor senses a temperature change rather than motion, the chance of a false alarm is minimized. The PIR Sensor can be used on beds, to monitor unassisted bed exits, or on doors to monitor unauthorized entry or exits. The PIR Sensor is a sensor only and must be attached to a Posey Fall Alarm for proper use. Weighs 1.62 lbs.

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