Dynamic Balance Dvd Level 3

Dynamic Balance Dvd Level 3
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Dynamic Balance Dvd Level 3

This intermediate program adds variety and fun to your Stability Ball workout.

This intense intermediate level workout will develop back strength and ab muscles.

Dynamic Balance is an intensely satisfying workout that simulates some basic moves often performed on a Reformer the primary piece of Pilates resistance equipment. Challenge your balance, activate your abs, stretch your spine and have a ball doing it.

SUITABLE FOR: Intermediate to advanced audiences (Level 3 of 5)
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Stability Ball (55, 65 or 75 cm) and Exercise Mat

Key Benefits
  • Challenge deep abdominal muscles
  • Develop back strength
  • Focus on quality of movement
  • Feel long, lean and lithe
  • Heighten motor control
DVD Contents
  • 32 exercises
  • Workout Time - 40 min
  • DVD Length - 97 min

WARM UP: Breathing, Transversus Connection, Imprint & Release, Scapula Isolation, Arm Circles, Head Nods

EXERCISES: Ab Prep, Hip Release, Spinal Rotation, Hip Roll, Footwork - Wrap Toes, Footwork - Heels on Ball, Footwork - High Half Toe, Footwork - Laterally Rotated, Footwork - Lower & Lift, Second Position, Hamstring Stretch, Single Leg, Hundred, Short Spine Prep, Back Rowing Preps, Side Arm Preps, Side Twist Sitting, Stomach Massage, Plow, Tricep Push Up, Elephant, Mermaid, Knee Stretches, Running, Hip Rolls Prep, Single Thigh Stretch

Bonus Features
  • Review the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles
  • Bonus workout try the next level
  • Work out with music only
  • Preview other video titles
  • Meet the instructors
  • Check out STOTT PILATES equipment
  • Learn about instructor training

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