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Why choose Life Extension Foundataion Products?

Life Extension Foundataion

All "Life Extension" products contain only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients from supplier companies like Roche. For example no Chinese-made vitamin C is permitted in "Life Extension" brand vitamin C.

The Life Extension Foundation is the world’s largest organization dedicated to finding scientific methods for addressing disease, aging, and death. The Life Extension Foundation is a non-profit group that funds pioneering scientific research aimed at achieving an indefinitely extended healthy human lifespan. The fruits of this research are used to develop novel disease prevention and treatment protocols. The Life Extension Foundation was incorporated in 1980, but its founders have been writing about and financially supporting anti-aging research since the 1960s.
Life Extension is funding a highly innovative research program to pinpoint the genetic and biochemical changes associated with aging. The objective is to use these data to develop a validated method to measure aging over short periods of time. This method will then be used to screen and evaluate (in highly rapid fashion) the safety and effectiveness of vast numbers of therapies with anti-aging potential.

The Life Extension Foundation is the largest organization dedicated to investigating every method of extending the healthy human life span. When seeking methods to slow aging and prevent disease, The Foundation often uncovers potential therapies to treat the degenerative diseases of aging such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, cancer, stroke, macular degeneration, etc.