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Other Names:
Motor Vehicle Accident, MVA, Car Crash, Motor Vehicle Crash, Automobile Accident, Road Traffic Accident, RTA

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Car Accidents are exactly what the name implies; Accidents involving Motor Vehicles. They constitute a significant public health risk and are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the developed world.

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Non-Fatal Car Accidents often lead to many kinds of debilitating injuries including Spinal Cord Injuries, Whiplash, Chronic Joint and Back Pain and Broken Bones. Injuries stemming from these accidents can leave victims disabled for years, or the rest of their lives, suffering from a variety of after-effects.

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Car Accident Injuries can be debilitating in a long term, sometimes life-long way. Back, Knee and Other Joint Injuries can leave the sufferer unable to perform strenuous physical tasks or play sports. More severe injuries of this sort may cause difficulty walking. Spinal Cord Injuries are by far one of the most serious possible repercussions after a Car Accident. These injuries commonly leave a patient unable to walk or even move in many circumstances, with therapy no guarantee of recovery.

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Possible Causes

The most common cause of Traffic Accidents is alcohol impairment. Drunken drivers kill thousands of people every year. Driver inattention is also a frequent cause; due to use of mobile phones the amount of accidents has risen in recent years. Other common reasons for accidents include drivers falling asleep at the wheel, medical emergencies occurring while driving, and mechanical failure within automobiles.

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Treatment Options

Injuries incurred from Car Accidents are often dealt with through surgery and physiotherapy, depending on the severity of the injury. Joint and back pain are often persistent up to years later, making pain management medication a common treatment after an accident. Spinal Cord Injuries are amongst the most severe possibilities resulting from an accident, these require intense physical therapy.

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Home Care & Natural Remedies

The best prevention technique for Car Accidents is proper training and education for young drivers. It is highly recommended that new drivers attend traffic school in order to learn better road safety. Driving while impaired should never be done, and long-haul drivers should pull over to rest at the first sign of drowsiness. Mobile phone use, eating and other distracting activities while driving are also common causes of accidents and should be avoided.

For the chronic pain and joint issues associated with many Car Accidents, the following natural products have been known to be of some assistance.

  • Willow Bark is a natural source of the NSAID salicin, a natural form of Asprin
  • D-phenylalanine in high doses has been recommended occasionally for chronic pain
  • There is a largely held (if unproven) theory that glucosamine helps repair damaged cartilage and muscle

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Car Accidents