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Split Ends

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Split ends are damaged, frizzy, annoying broken hair fragments that stick out of the hair shaft.

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  • Split ends are usually caused by harsh handling of the hair by harsh chemicals found in some coloring and perming products
  • Heat damage which may occur as the result of excessive use of hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron
  • Using harsh shampoos
  • Rubbing your hair while drying
  • Combing or brushing your hair too harshly

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What You Can Do

  • Trim off the split ends
    • Take a small section of hair and twist it, the ends of the hair will pop out and you can trim the split ends with a pair of scissors. When cutting off a split end, make sure you cut perpendicular to the hair strand. This will keep the end stronger than a slanted cut would. Make sure that you cut 1/4inch above the split to ensure a healthy end.
    • Trim your hair frequently atleast one inch to cut off the ends.
  • Prevention of split ends
    • Use hair care products like colors and perming solutions that do not contain harsh chemicals.
    • Protect your hair from chlorinated water in a swimming pool.
    • Gently brush or comb your hair with a brush that is appropriate for your hair type. Use a wide tooth comb preferably.
    • Do not detangle or brush your hair when they are wet.
    • Wear a hat when going outdoors in the sunlight as UV rays in the sunlight can be damaging to the hair.
    • If you have long hair, shampoo and condition them hanging down your back. Do not use very hot water to rinse your hair.
    • Exercise regularly to improve circulation which in turn improves your hair health.
    • Allow your hair to dry naturally or pat dry them, do not rub your hair.
    • Eat foods that are rich in essential fatty acids, high in vitamins B, C, E and zinc as they are considered beneficial for hair health and growth.

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Split Ends