Healthcraft, Advantage Rail Portable

Healthcraft, Advantage Rail Portable
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Advantage Rail Portable

Convenient - Quick fastening and removal in typically 30 seconds.

Secure - Innovative fastening system includes three captive knobs, ''snap down'' alignment pin, and visual alignment dimple & sight-hole. Specially designed knobs automatically retract up when not secured to prevent scratching of floor or damage to knob thread.

Toe friendly - low profile floor plates - only 3/8'' with mitered edge - ADA compliant!

Flexible - Install one floor plate to allow occasional use and removal or install multiple floor plates to allow one rail to be moved to many different locations.

Storage - Advantage Rail™ / Pole™ stores upright in closet with plastic base pad to prevent marring of floors in storage area.

Weight Capacity - 250lbs/113kg capacity. Bariatric model 450lbs/205kg capacity.

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