Cocoon Body Emollient - For All Over Body Use

Cocoon Body Emollient - For All Over Body Use
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Cocoon Body Emollient - For All Over Body Use

Dry, flaky, itchy legs, hands, arms and feet can be a thing of the past!
The product that started it all! AminoGenesis Cocoon Total Body Emollient is the original version of our powerful amino acid formula. Using newly pioneered techniques invented by the AminoGenesis science team, 17 plant-derived amino acids have been painstakingly purified then blended in a process known as low energy emulsion technology. For the first time ever this enabled life giving free form amino acids to be assembled into a stable cohesive, non-greasy formula that would remain stable and not break down or separate over time. This rapidly penetrating lotion dissipates into the skin immediately to directly hydrate and nourish the skin all over your body.

Usage: Smooth AminoGenesis Cocoon on legs, hands and body for the silkiest feeling skin ever. Apply often directly to trouble areas for problems like psoriasis, dermatitis, or eczema. The rich amino acids go to work immediately helping transform your skin right before your eyes!

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