It Stays Case Of 12

It Stays Case Of 12
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It Stays
Hosiery Adhesive

So flexible that you won't know it's there...Can be used for:MEDICAL- Excellent for holding support and surgical stockings, anti-embolism stockings, and orthopedic supports securely in place.ATHLETICS- Knee and shin pads are held in place, elbow and turf pads won't slip and 'It Stays' even helps prevent socks from riding down.THEATER- Replace tape when needing to hold wigs, beards or mustaches in place. Toupees, costumes and fashion jewelry are secured in place until you decide to remove them.FASHION- Choose how much or how little you want to reveal. . Effortlessly holds strapless bras or open fronted dresses in place. A must use with bridal gowns, but flexible enough that 'It Stays' even after that slow dance.

Sold in cases of 12 - 2oz. Bottles.

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