Skillbuilders MSS high base chair, small

Skillbuilders MSS high base chair, small
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Skillbuilders MSS high base chair, small

The high base will bring the child to table height to facilitate eating or other activities. The mobile base allows the caregiver to move the child from place to place without the hassle of repositioning. The high mobility base can be purchased separately. 22.5 floor to seat height.

Designed for children with moderate to severe physical involvement. The easy to use mechanism tilts up to 45 and reclines from 80 to 140. The basic seating module can be used as a chair sitter, floor sitter, mobile floor sitter or a mobile high chair. The basic seating module includes:
Back: adjustable height and angle
Seat: adjustable depth
Footrest: adjustable height and depth
Headrest: adjustable height, depth and angle; rotates and can be placed off-center
Abductor: adjustable height and depth; position between thighs or knees
Lateral supports: adjustable height/width
Armrest: adjustable height and angle
Trunk support: zippered H-harness
Cushion covers: removable and washable.

To use as a floor sitter simply remove the mobile base from the mobile floor sitter or mobile high chair. 13.5 floor to seat height. Can not be ordered separately (order as mobile floor sitter or mobile high chair).

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