UT2000 Rescue Litter - Color: Orange

UT2000 Rescue Litter - Color: Orange
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UT2000 Rescue Litter - Color: Orange

UT2000 Rescue Litter
The UT2000 Rescue Litter is an outstanding choice for backcountry, high angle and general rescue scenarios. Manufactured by Traverse Rescue, the UT2000 Rescue Litter offers extreme adaptability to many diverse situations, and delivers high performance at an incredibly low weight. The UT2000 is made up of two equal parts that snap together to form a basket litter that can also be used as a sled or even a cargo carrier. Each half acts as a pack-frame that allows the user to load it up with the gear required for your rescue mission, yet easily converts into a litter.

The connectors are made from high impact-resistant, fiber-reinforced synthetic material that are engineered to work well under high loads, and at temperature extremes.

Each frame comes complete with a set of lifting straps that is contained in a convenient storage pocket integral with the pack harness. The pack harness itself is professionally manufactured to withstand years of use, and can easily manage heavy weights. Features:

• Fast-connection safety sytem is double secured and made from an extreme impact-resistant, fiber reinforced synthetic material.
• All webbing is high-strength, mildew resistant nylon
• Easily converts to a stretcher
• Pack frame
• Wide Glide Model available
• Available in red and olive drab

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